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I’d love to see more Marc McKinnon on the dash.

Confessed by Anonymous

Confessed by Ophelia Wilkes

While I am exorbitantly excited to be starting a family with Frank, it’s still very hard for me not to be terrified at the idea. There are so many things I can’t control… I just hope that this was the right decision, and that we didn’t choose the wrong time.

Confessed by Alice Longbottom

I’m sad about what’s happened with Lennox, but I can’t help but feel a little relieved. It’s almost as if an added responsibility that’s been weighing on my shoulders has been dropped and I feel so guilty for thinking of it like that.

Confessed by Cassandra Fawcett

Dunno exactly what it means, but I’m really enjoying having Cass around the flat. Almost feels like being back at Hogwarts together.

Confessed by Barnabas Cuffe

Is it strange that I ship Ros and Wendy?

Confessed by Anonymous

I have feelings for the wrong person.

Confessed by Anonymous

I’m more terrified than I even want to admit about having this baby and being a mother.

Confessed by Elizabeth Wolfe